To DevOps, or not to DevOps...That is the question.


£600 - £700 a day

A question that has plagued Engineers’ for centuries (4-5 years in reality) is ‘To DevOps, or not to DevOps’. Then… This arises the next conundrum, what is DevOps?

Making £700 a day?

To those who ponder this question, I ask this… Why can it not be all three, and more?! Without the silly title…

I have been entrusted as gatekeeper for this contract of contracts, that offers the coolest of cultures and the sexiest of technologies all whilst rewarding ‘the chosen one’ with a first rate… rate.

“What?” you ask, “Does one have to do in order to secure such a role?”

The answer to this is easy… To begin with, you need to be a damn good engineer, but there is more to it than that.

You know your Linux fundamentals inside out, having a operational focus.
You’re somewhat of an expert when it comes to all things AWS. Expert, not “i’ve been working with it on-and-off for a year-or-so”.
Plenty of provisioning experience with Terraform.
You’ve been continuously integrating and also delivering for a long while.
Configuration management, Ansible…

When all is said and done, this comes down to one thing… This role is the bee’s knees and you’re not going to want to miss out on this opportunity to get heavily involved with one of the best know eCommerce brands in the UK.

To conclude, for the many Engineers who can’t cope with reading yet another “DevOps” advert that really doesn’t tell you anything… If you want a great role in the eCommerce space, get in touch. But only if you have experience with:


Happy to get some details to those interested in hearing more…

Posted by Linux Recruit, 11 May