Senior PHP Developer ( Full Stack OOP over LINUX )


£450 - £500 a day

Our client is seeking a highly effective, self starter and PHP, high level Developer.

We are one of the fastest growing Tech SMe in the UK and one of the fastest growing Managed Service Providers in Europe OK

We need from you, in order of priority and skill level

PHP OOP programming

o Must be very comfortable / normally using PHP on Linux (flavour not important but we use Redhat/Centos/Fedora)

MySQL - very high grade of SQL skill required

o Role requires typically week long projects processing/transposing (My) SQL data from one form into another, with some code processing in between stages. Could be PHP, could be Golang (if speed required).


o Must have very good experience working on Linux in general

o Helpful to have a modicum of admin/devops/ experience

o Essential SSH CLI terminal work / bash etc

GoLang could become a nice to have for us, not required for the role immediately, but having that as an interest/skill is the right "mind-set" for the hiring Manager, Yes.

o Moving forwards we may have new dev work in this area involving/focused around Golang


o Not required for the role immediately, but maybe helpful and we may have some investigation/furthering of previous work in this area.

o Someone that has worked in billing projects; or

o working with large data sets

o ISP area - knows a little of DNS etc

Key high level requirement, is lowering/minimizing the role of supervisor in our line manager's duties - This is a high level interim role we need you self-starting and carrying on that way.

Posted by N.A.T.A Resourcing Ltd, 30 Jan