Ruby on Rails Developer - Remote working possible


£450 - £650 a day

Ruby on Rails - Software Engineer

We are looking for Software Engineers to work on our largely Ruby on Rails Stack. We are currently factoring this out into discrete services using Node.JS, RoR and Go. We run in AWS and are adding Azure. We use Log Entries, Hosted Graphite, Monit, New Relic, Pingdom, Airbreak and other SaaS.

We run on primarily on Linux, with some Windows.

We have an office in Farringdon but team members are free to work remotely / from home. The whole team gets together in the office once a week

We use Ansible, Docker, Jenkins and CircleCI for provisioning, build and deployment. We tend to be on Slack a lot.

Our Practices:
Start with Why: Understand the Problem and the Opportunity
Explore options before committing to implementation
Use Specification by Example to communicate and validate intended outcomes
Use small batch sizes and Limit work in progress to ensure frequent regular delivery
Use Test Driven Development to build and refactor quality code
Automate provisioning and deployment
Instrument and Monitor everything

What we’re looking for from you:
You’ll be happy working with emerging requirements and complex problems.
You Take individual responsibility for your work whilst working together with the rest of the team, the wider business and our customers.
You are someone who wants to play their best game and grow your skills
You are looking to challenge yourself and the people around you

Posted by GK Recruitment, 14 Jul