Fullstack Javascript Engineer


£400 - £440 a day

I am seeking a very niche Node.js developer with additional Frontend/User Interface development experience to join a small team working on a building tools for developers and ensuring the clients website is as performant as possible.


- Identifying areas for performance optimisations, benchmark and develop automated tools to advocate across the frontend development teams

- Build upon their automated unit, system and acceptance test frameworks to support continuous integration pipelines for front end deploys

- Shape the current process and implement new technologies and methodologies where you see fit for the best long-term value of the business


- Solid commercial core Javascript experience

- Experienced in optimising performance of large scale websites

- Able to demonstrable building high quality web interfaces

- Understand browser behaviour and events and how browsers interpret HTML, CSS, DOM etc. to produce pages

- Excellent knowledge of HTTP/HTTP2 protocols

- Understanding of RESTful web services and APIs

- Excellent communication skills and enjoy being part of a vocal, passionate team

- Comfortable using Unix-like OS e.g. Linux and/or MAC OS X

- Relevant knowledge of Docker, Containers deployment pipeline and infrastructure automation


- Experience with automation tooling, frameworks and architectures

- Optimising webpages for broadband, 3G and 4G connections

- Experience with Service Workers

- Devops automation and containerisation tools such as Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes
#LI-JD1 #LI-96

Posted by Hydrogen Group, 10 Jan