DevOps Engineer & Strategist


£600 - £700 a day

"DevOps in the Enterprise" | "Digital Transformation" - two very overused and very popular terms at the moment. With consultancies cropping up on every corner providing services to cover both.

We have an opportunity to actually work directly with a very well known enterprise organisation to be the first 'DevOps' in a very talented technical team, and be instrumental to their Digital Transformation.

After years of outsourcing every minor section of their technical function, the company have decided to bring everything in-house and are revolutionising the way technology sits beneath the company and helps power their core activities.

The organisation have hired some very high calibre Full Stack type Developers, especially skilled in Node.js and now they are keen to bring in the first DevOps Engineer to bring it all together. Releases are already happening 50-70 times per day, they are already moving to Microservices architecture, from a monolithic estate, but they need someone to scale this globally. Someone who can set up deployment infrastructure to scale across the globe to an initial 6/7 countries.

From a technical perspective, the role is more than just specific toolsets, they're currently using Docker Containers, Infrastructure as Code with Terraform and Circle CI for Continuous integration but the possibilities are endless.

The role is more about implementing a global strategy, putting in place specific tools, process and procedure as well as executing the strategy you put in place.

A unique project at the moment, so please get in touch for further details.

Posted by Linux Recruit, 14 May