DevOps Engineer Junior role in Crawley, UK


£285 a day

Recruitment: DevOps Engineer
This is a great opportunity to work as part of a Scaled Agile team on the client's large linear accelerator based Cancer treatment machines, used in hospitals throughout the world. The devices are of a high technical complexity (covering mechanical, electronic, software, optics and physics domains).
Expectations of Work
1. Taking responsibility for the software build system for sophisticated safety-critical medicaldevice software, written in C, C++ and C# for both embedded Windows and real-time UNIXbased operating systems. 2. Ensuring uptime, reliability and disaster recovery mechanisms are in place for software build system. 3. Collaborating with software teams and build technicians to minimise resolution time of build-issues.

1. Improve software build and automated test execution time. 2. Automated deployment or simplified deployment to test environments. 3. Migration of software build system to virtual machine use for business continuity and possible cloud computing based solution in the future. 4. Maximise software build system uptime and guarantee full disaster recovery in the event of hardware failure. 5. Foster a DevOps continuous improvement culture. 6. Reduce software build pipeline complexity
Experience: Scripting (Python, PowerShell, Windows batch files, etc.) Continuous Integration including automated deployment and test Tool stack Jenkins, Apache Subversion, VMware, JIRA Industrial PC based targets

Training / Qualification:
1. STEM Degree or equivalent preferred.

1. Software Build Systems. (Jenkins strongly preferred). 2. Scripting languages (e.g. Python, PowerShell, Windows batch files

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