DevOps Engineer


£500 - £600 a day

We have had a DevOps contract arise for an exceptionally strong technologist to join and aid with the implementation and expansion of the automation strategy for a renouned company's global platform.
It is important for you to have extensive experience with configuration management and continuous delivery, as well as deployment technologies.
This is a rare opportunity for a Senior DevOps to help the team build something that will directly affect the lives of millions in a positive way on a global scale.

Required experience / requirements:
You must be able to give concrete example of work done on a significant real-world infrastructure or project, with explanations of choices made, challenges solved.
2+ years of production experience as a minimum.
You will be asked to explain relatively fundamental concepts like the differences between defined resources and parameterized classes, the three ways to pass values to the latter in order to diversify environments, or show correct examples of either the definition or the instantiation of the same primitives, or explain hiera data in any meaningful amount of detail.
Terraform (not a core requirement, but preferable)
You must be able to explain its clear advantages over CloudFormation. Provide a basic but well thought-out, sketched example of how a codebase for two projects in three environments would be structured in a modular fashion.
If you want to hear more about the role and how you can aid this organisation in their search for simple, elegant, powerful and pragmatic solutions to complex problems, then just apply for further details…

Posted by Linux Recruit, 13 Jun