Devops Engineer


£400 - £500 a day

DevOps Engineer with focus on monitoring. This is a greenfield project focussing on monitoring. Skills – Ansible, Linux, any programming language like Ruby, Python or GoLang and AWS

General Responsibilities: Design, develop, debug, and modifies components of software applications and tools. Drive technical direction at the application/product level for small to mid-sized projects. Design, spec, schedule and provide quality implementation of a component or feature (typically 1-3 months in duration). Provide alternative solutions to a given problem. Resolve problems and roadblocks, with management assistance if required. Follow through on details and drive issues to closure. Complete documentation and procedures for installation and maintenance. Actively participate in group technology reviews to critique work of self and others. Work collaboratively with all members of technical staff. Collaborate with program management and testing peers in the development of assigned components. Participates in and provides input to requirements definition. Usually provides solid judgment calls and tradeoff analysis.

You should also have good Terraform skills

Posted by Akriss Recruitment, 13 Jul