Back-End Senior Java Developer


£500 - £700 a day

Job Title: Senior Back-End Software Engineer


6 Month Contract

You are a passionate and experienced software engineer focused on building great products that scale. You have a demonstrated passion for innovation. You are interested in applying machine learning to real business problems. You do not shy from the challenge to building complex services in high-volume environments. You believe in applying microservice architectures and technologies, such as Docker containers, to facilitate Continuous Delivery.

As a mid to senior-level software engineer you will be a founding engineer for new team chartered to enhance our display advertising product. The team will start to improve our product by addressing critical challenging problems: real-time ad impression cost estimation, fraud management and offers management. Each of these capabilities need to be highly scalable with high-throughput, and will be built using modern machine-learning and event-based technologies.

This is a hands-on position, and the person will actively develop product code for the real world. The person will contribute new ideas and thought leadership on code craftsmanship and applying modern technologies and techniques to our product engineering.

You will:

Build system to estimate real-time impression cost (CPM or cost per thousand) and feed into advertising platform to dramatically improve product performance.
Build an industry-leading fraud management for display advertising.
Rebuild new, consolidated Offers management system.
Pioneer the creation of a high-volume reactive machine learning system.
Coach other developers on engineering and agile practices.
Be an advocate for the customer, whether she is a consumer, dealer, OEM or a member of my client’s services team.


BS/MS in CS, EE or equivalent technical field
Strong experience build Internet-based products using agile techniques
Strong verbal, written and listening communication skills.
3 – 6 years of proven, hands-on success in the back-end of large-scale event-based systems
At least 3 years of daily experience programming in Java, Scala or comparable language
Demonstrated passion for learning new technologies and architectures and applying that knowledge to substantial, production-ready systems
Proficient with domain-driven design concepts, NoSQL, required, substantial experience with OOD methodologies
Familiarity of developing and managing systems hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Familiarity with Microservices architectural style and considerations.
Familiarity with Continuous Deployment tools, techniques and processes.
Awareness of Docker and other container techniques

Posted by GK Recruitment, 14 Jul